Friday, May 22, 2009

Kingsburg To Forge a Realm

New Fantasy Flight Games Game, Expansion to last years Kingsburg. Coming in July. You can preorder it now! Kingsburg To Forge a Realm

Wasabi! Ideology 2nd Edition

Z-Man Games popular game Wasabi has been out of print for about 3-4 months. Today it is back in the store along with their new game Ideology, 2nd Edition.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Dangerous Delves Minis are HERE!

Dangerous Delves Minis are here. They are available by the case and also by the pack. Each booster pack contains 1 visible mini. They are all available right now! Go get them! Shown above is the FROST GIANT

Star Wars Jedi Academy Training Manual Added

Tattered Fates

The new Dark Heresy RPG Adventure, Tattered Fates arrived and is for sale!

Axis & Allies 42

Today Wizards of the Coast announced the release on August 18th of the new Axis & Allies 1942 game. Here is what is says: Axis & Allies celebrates it's 25th Anniversary in 2009 with a new and updated edition of it's original classic game. Axis & Allies 1942, designed and developed by Larry Harris, will utilize the updated rules established in A&A Anniversary Edition. Cruiser class ships will make their debut in A&A 1942, forever changing the naval line-up. Newly sculpted playing pieces and all new packaging will position this game as the cornerstone of the Axis & Allies game line for years to come. Decide the fate of a nation in a few short hours!