Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Blood Angels

Today we got our advanced copy of the Blood Angels Codex and the Blood Angels Death Company, and the Blood Angels Sanguinary Guard for the Warhammer 40k game! I love getting advanced stuff and it's just fun to share it all with you. We are immediately building a Death Company and pictures are included below of the progress we are making:

Here is the Blood Angels Death Company Box (Sorry, the picture isn't the best):

Here is the Blood Angels Sanguinary Guard box:

And here is a picture of them being assembled:

And here is the Blood Angels Codex:

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Rise of Eldrazi

We have finally gotten our Rise of Eldrazi numbers, and though we have presold a whole bunch at very low prices, we do have more to sell, though the price will have to go up. Our distributors have raised their prices (some more than others) and so we have to deal with the price increases. Rise will be allocated shorter than Worldwake at first, so that is why people are jacking the price up. Besides, it will be a bigger set.