Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ironclad Warjack

Jason is painting a Cygnar Ironclad Warjack. Here is the first initial picture. It's been undercoated black, then based in blue (Space Marines Blue, if you are wondering!).

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Privateer Press

There is a story about how years ago, Bill Gates was sitting in his office, and the internet had just really started, and Netscape was doing well, and he had an epiphany. The future WAS the internet. I had a much smaller epiphany the other day. It was that I needed to seriously sell Privateer Press's Warmachine game. I have little bits of it here and there, but the last two days I've gone all out working on the website, ebay, and Amazon on this stuff. So I'm excited about it. I even opened one of the Battle Boxes (Cygnar) and started painting the minis inside. I actually had time to do that today as I got to the office very early, like before 7:00.

So expect some big things from this cool game.

Meanwhile, Worldwake is coming February 5th, and we did indeed sell out of our first run, and we're still wondering when we are going to get second wave product and how much. I wish I knew so I could start preselling. Hopefully I'll know soon. Working on getting more of first run if I can. I'm disappointed in Alliance Distributors for not putting me down for some when I talked to my rep there. Anyway, still selling Tyranids well, and game night happened again and now Asher is behind on TWO reports.

Okay, enough for tonight, Wednesday! Hope you have some good gaming going on!


Sunday, January 24, 2010

Worldwake Sold Out

My first wave of Worldwake is sold out. Kind of cool, but kind of sad. I will be getting some second wave boxes as well, but I'm just not sure on the number or WHEN, which means I can't presell them to all you who missed out. We'll get you some as soon as we can!

So it's about 2 weeks till release date! February 5th! Exciting.

Until then we'll have to take some time to get some other things built up on the website (it's something we are ALWAYS doing) and take some time to relax and have some fun as well as work hard.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Good Morning - Thursday

So today is another day in the greatest store in the world in the greatest Job me and my employees can ever have. I believe, I have sold out of WORLDWAKE. Can you believe that? But I have. All my allocation is gone unless I can find more. I'm keeping my eyes open. I even had to raise my price at the end. I'll have to go look, but there might be a couple left, I'm not sure!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Friday I told you the new Tyranids came out for the Warhammer 40k game. If you aren't familiar with the game, think Aliens, from the movie. That's the Tyranids. So a host of new plastic models came out, that you can glue together then paint then use in the game. This weekend I built a Tyrgon, and then I built a Mawloc. This new set is one of the flat out coolest I've ever seen in the game. Period. It stands very tall, and is just freaking AWESOME. I then built a set of Gargoyles. The new set are plastic. Again, if you aren't familiar with Warhammer, the older models/miniatures were metal and had to be glued together with superglue and they never really stuck together. In fact, I HATE metal models, as they are so hard to glue together. So my metal set of Gargoyles was so hard to put together. Gargoyles have these wings, and it just sucked keeping them on. I still have them, though Caleb had to help me, and base coated them white and then washed them red, but never went beyond that point. So the new set is plastic and let me tell you a few things about it that are just cool. One, they are easy to build. Plastic is just awesome. Two, the models look just AWESOME. I can't say enough about them. Why use anything except for Gargoyles? I am going to build 100 of them. I think they are that cool. But I started with 10. Finally, the value is just awesome. 10 cool gargoyles for $29.00. It's just a steal of a deal.

Contrast that to the Ravener set.... The Raveners are $44.50. You get three models. They are cool models, no doubt... but $44.50? The Trygon which is this monstrosity of a figure, is $49.50. Why are the Ravener Broods so over priced? Ridiculously over priced. I have built three of them, and I'm going to end up building 9 total for my army, but... whew... they are way over priced.

So... you are asking yourself... where are the pictures of these models? Yes... I have taken the pictures... I just haven't uploaded them yet. That will hopefully happen today. Good gaming my friends!


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tuesday Night Warhammer Report

I promised you Asher's report last week, and here it finally is! Note that they played again tonight, so... there is probably going to be another report soon! We'll try and keep you updated on these things better! Good Gaming!

Warhammer 40K battle report for 1/12/10

In Last nights game there was three 750 point armies pitted against each, the Imperial Guard owned/played by myself Asher, the Tau Empire Owned/played by Riley, and the Mighty Space Marines being played by Jimmy. In the Campaign that Jimmy’s dad James has thought up each army started with no upgrades at all. According to however many kills and combats a chosen commander from each army got, points for upgrades were awarded.

So basically each army gets stronger every week.

The Imperial Guard had first turn followed by Space Marines then Tau. For first turn the Imperial Guard sent a Huge Conscript Squad towards the Tau, Eliminating a whole fire warrior squad, and then followed shock troops and Thirteen mortar barrages upon Riley’s crisis battle suit teams. Though the Imperial Guard fought hard this first turn, in the end the overall casualties were few for the Tau.

Next came space marines, a 10 man squad of terminators teleported up the battlefield to the sniper scouts with the teleport beacon. Followed by the remaining space marines slowly trudging across the battlefield, sadly never to actually see combat. Next the tau moved there battle suits up to deliver a deadly blow to some of the Imperial Guard’s Shock Troops, and the Commander and his squad, making his squad turn to run, and slaughtering the other squad completely. In this campaign if your army’s commander dies you automatically loose, so if my commander had run off the board I would have lost. Thankfully at the beginning of my turn I rallied him and he was able to stay and direct another barrage of mortars towards the Tau commander, unlucky for my Guard, the Tau had 2+ armour saves and saved every time. After that my shock troops tried to take out the commander and once again the 2+ Armour save deflected all my shots. Next the SM Terminators moved in closer to the Tau to try for an assault but were too far away. On the Tau turn Riley redirected his battle suits towards the terminators and was able to kill two of the powerful enemies. The start of Turn 3 welcomed Yet another barrage of Mortars on the battle suits and this time actually inflicted two wounds upon the deadly Tau. Because Shock Troops and Conscripts were out of range they remained, for the most part, useless. Next the Space Marines, in fear of the Tau, attempted to teleport away but it wasn’t far enough for the Tau. On Riley’s turn his battle suits successfully took out another 2 Terminators. By that time it was past our time limit and we wrapped up the game. It was determined that Riley and his Fearless Tau had done the most damage points wise and was crowned the champion of this Battle. Though the numerous Imperial Guard were unsuccessful this time, Next time They will summon even more hordes of heavy weapon teams and hey, maybe even a tank or two…Till Next time folks!!!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Dominion: Intrigue

Matt Drake's new review for Dominion: Intrigue is up and funny as hell!

Oh... and sell it too!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Good Gaming

Today did a lot of Worldwake orders. The new set coming from Wizards of the Coast February 5th. I have a limited number allocated to me, and I'm beginning to think it's going to run out in the next week. Which kind of sucks, because we usually get the MAJORITY of our orders in the two weeks before the release, and we aren't even 3 weeks away. So that tells you there will be a lot of people wanting it who won't get it on the first run. Luckily, we should get more after that very soon! And I've heard from a lot of people are price is really good, though there are always people out there trying to get an even better deal. They get mad when I say the product is allocated and there is nothing I can do.

Another big seller? Tyranids. The new set of plastic models for the Tyranid Armies of Warhammer 40k. I personally have a Tyranid army and I can't wait for these new pieces. I'm excited.

What else happened at Dogstar Games today? Tonight was Warhammer 40k night at the store, but I came home and Asher and James ran the game. I'll have to see what happened and report it all to you tomorrow.

Yes... I'll be reporting on events a lot more. Hopefully I'll even entertain you a little!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Gaming This Weekend

So I held my annual Game Day at my house. Yes you would think owning a game store I would have more than one game day a year, and usually we do, but we do this one every year as kind of a tradition. So I'll run down the gaming for you and let you know how it all worked out.

We opened with Dominion. If you haven't played Dominion yet, go to this link, buy the game, and play it. Seriously. Don't hesitate. If you were in the retail store, I would give you a copy, and tell you to go play it, and if you like it, come back and pay me. If you don't like it, bring it back. Everyone I do this with comes back and pays for it. Not one person has brought it back and said they didn't like it. Period. So go get it. Now. Matt Drake even wrote a wonderful review about it, HERE. We played it, and the Seaside Expansion for it, for hours. Awesome fun with friends. Good game.

Then... we moved to Roborally, which was just rereleased over Christmas, and wow, it's just a fun game. Never played it before, so it was new. But it was easy to pick up, and it was fun. Here is the thing with Roborally. Things are going to go wrong, and because of that, you can't plan out a perfect strategy, which can really bother the hell out of you. BUT... if you take it as a FUN game and enjoy all the crazy things that occur because you can't plan for everything, then it turns out quite fun. Parker got turned around once and screwed up his move so badly once that I almost fell on the floor laughing as he kept screwing up. It's a fun game, and can accomodated many players and was good for some great laughs.

Then we played Small World. I've played this three times before, and it DOES keep getting better. The first time I was unimpressed, but by this fourth time, I have to say I liked it a lot better. We'll see if it keeps growing on me. I won, so that makes a difference. It's the BIG game this year, and Matt Drake again reviewed it and loved it. I was lukewarm at first, but it IS getting better.

Finally we played Pictionary, and damn that was FUN. What a fun game for couples and teams and just a lot of laughs. I don't even sell Pictionary . I should fix that. It's such a great game I can recommend it to everyone. We play on this HUGE white board I have and it's fun see it show up on the big board. We are SERIOUS as pictionary in my family! :) Ben and B'andra managed to include a certain piece of the male anatomy in EVERY SINGLE PICTURE they drew. It almost put me on the ground.

Okay, the next day, having played so many games I wasn't even CLOSE to burning out, so I pulled out Tales of the Arabian Nights, a game Matt Drake reviewed and recommended and I've wanted to play for a while now. Me and my daughter got it set up and then discovered the Quest Cards were missing. So that was a BUMMER. Can't really review that. Hopefuly Z-Man Games will fix that. We also opened the new Axis & Allies Pacific, but found that one of the treys of chits was missing. I think the Japanese were missing, or doubled, and no Chinese. So that game was unplayable. Let's hope Wizards of the Coast fixes THAT! Then we opened Ghost Stories, ANOTHER game that Matt reviewed and liked, and was recommended to us by Sheridan as well, but by that time the Arizona Packers game was on so we never got to play it.

Did anyone see that game? Packers had an AMAZING comeback. AMAZING. But they just couldn't pull it off. They need a better Defense. :)

Anyway, that was the gaming weekend. This week instead of game night we are going rock climbing, I believe. I'll let you know how that turns out! :)

Tyranid Codex

I just got my advanced copy of the Tyranid Codex! It is just awesome! 96 pages of goodness. For those of you who don't play Warhammer 40k, I think you are smart. It's a fun addictive game that soaks up all my money. But I love it. Of course I love Magic the Gathering, and all sorts of board games! Anyway, Tyranids coming in this Friday! VERY exciting! The new codex is cool!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Trading Card Games / Living Card Games

Recently Fantasy Flight Games announced they were abandoning the Collectible Card Games, Trading Card Platform. Basically, the said Magic the Gathering rules it, and it's just impossible to break in, except for a few small kid anime card games (like Yu-Gi-0h). In it's place, they have created a new 'type' of game called a Living Card Game. Basically it's like a traditional trading card game, except that you buy a boxed set that has all the cards in it that you need, and you buy supplemental packs of 40 cards that are all the same. No rares. No random booster packs.

So far the experiment has been a success. No... not like Magic the Gathering sized success, but sizable so that they keep putting out card packs.

The first two games they released were Call of Cthulhu and A Game of Thrones. These were based on their previous Collectible Card Games of the same names. But this fall the put out Warhammer Invasion, the Living Card Game, and it has been quite a success. We have sold it very well.

Dogstar Games is no committed to supporting Fantasy Flight Games in this endeavor. Enough people like them that we are going to stock the games and the packs that back them up. We started today by putting up all the Call of Cthulhu stuff. We have the base game, and we have many of the card packs that go with it. The base game is deeply discounted, and the card packs all have free shipping.

When you think about getting into another card game, after being involved in Magic, it's always kind of rough because you have to put so much money into it! Well... not so with the Fantasy Flight Games Living Card Games. It's much cheaper. And... the games are really good! Warhammer has sold really well, and Call of Cthulhu is just awesome in it's creepiness (I'm a big H.P. Lovecraft Cthulhu fan!).

You might not be interested in this stuff, but I thought I would let you know about it in case you were looking at 'expanding' past your Magic the Gathering horizons! :)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Getting Back!

This week I've been sick (cold), my son had an emergency Root Canal, and I have a bad battery which trapped me at home with a truck that would not run. Plus there have been a lot of orders (good news, THANKS!) and so it's been a while getting caught up. Am I caught up today? Nope. But I'm getting there. UPS didn't come today, because the new driver is a doofus, but it should be here tomorrow! Anyway, hello to everyone, I will get back up to date soon, and this blog will show all the new cool stuff coming! THANKS FOR A GREAT HOLIDAY. Great gaming to everyone!